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Encyclopedia of New Jersey

Maxine Lurie (Editor), Marc Mappen (Editor)
958 pages, 8.5 x 11
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Subject Area:
Travel, Reference
Designated Best of Reference by The New York Public Library based on its usefulness in New York City's libraries

Named an Outstanding Reference Work by the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance


The Encyclopedia of New Jersey is the most extensive reference work ever published on the Garden State. The Encyclopedia contains nearly 3,000 original articles, along with 585 illustrations and 130 maps, collecting a wealth of information about the state in one volume. The Encyclopedia is filled with fascinating and interesting entries ranging from New Jersey's earliest history to the present. For example-Did you know that New Jersey was once divided into two parts-East Jersey and West Jersey? That streptomycin was first isolated at Rutgers University? Or that the first vote cast by an African American under the Fifteenth Amendment was in Perth Amboy? How about that New Jersey was the site of the first intercollegiate football game? These facts, and thousands more, can be found in the pages of the Encyclopedia of New Jersey. This volume will provide the answers to questions about New Jersey that you never even knew you had!

Whether you are merely perusing the pages or are researching a particular subject, the Encyclopedia of New Jersey is your definitive source for information on the Garden State, covering a broad range of subject areas, including:

* Architecture, decorative arts, painting, and sculpture 
* Biographies 
* Business and economics 
* Communications and media 
* Education 
* Ethnicity 
* Folklore, museums, and theater 
* Geography 
* History 
* Government, law, politics, and public policy 
* Literature 
* Medicine and health 
* Municipalities and counties 
* Recreation and sports 
* Religion 
* Science and technology 
* Transportation 
* and many more subjects


"New Jersey has always had attitude. Now it has heft. The Encyclopedia of New Jersey covers everything you've ever wanted to know about the Garden State--and then some."

"If you've got a hankering to become an expert on all things of your home state, there's no better place to start."
—Press of Atlantic City

"What do Abott & Costello, the Ku Kulx Klan, pharmaceutical giant Sandoz, African American baseball pioneer Larry Doby, fundamentalist preacher Carl McIntire, Lyme disease, and the Courier-Post have in common? They all have entries in the Encyclopedia of New Jersey."

"There is nothing else that offers the expansive coverage of this state...a bargain price...Certainly all New Jersey libraries would need to buy this work, as should most libraries in the Northeast. Academic and large public libraries everywhere should find it useful."

"The book is a treasure, with contributions from nearly 800 writers. It is a resource that scholars, officials, history teachers, and journalists will be consulting for generations. It is also a fun read for the general public, particularly people who live in New Jersey or who used to live here."
—The Record

"Packed with illustrations and maps, [The Encyclopedia] has sweeping entries on topics such as agriculture, immigration and even the history of New Jersey history books. But there are also articles on such Garden State novelties as the Jersey Devil-a legendary South Jersey creature said to have the head of horse and the wings of a bat-and Margate's Lucy the Elephant, a six-story, 90-ton house that looks like a Pachyderm."
—Home News Tribune

"The entries had to be balanced in terms of geography, history, politics and cultural significance. . . . the editors also set a very high standard for the living people they would include in the encyclopedia. . . .The encyclopedia is clearly the most monumental project ever undertaken by the press. . . . Although the book is big and comprehensive, it is quite readable. Perusing one item, say the entry on boardwalks, leads you to entries on the Jersey Shore and the Steel Pier. The section on Kalmyks, descendants of Mongolians living in central Jersey, prompts you to check out the entry on ethnicity, where you can learn about the enormous variety of ethnic groups in the state."
—Rutgers Focus

"If you think of states as characters, New Jersey is a major player, not a glamorous matinee idol, but a star with a black coffee voice and a five o'clock shadow, like Humphrey Bogart. . . . In this book, it's a lot of this and a lot of that."
—Town Topics


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