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Leadership From the Margins

Women and Civil Society Organizations in Argentina, Chile, and El Salvador
Serena Cosgrove (Author)
248 pages
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Subject Area:
Latin American Studies, Women's Studies, Sociology


Women have experienced decades of economic and political repression across Latin America, where many nations are built upon patriarchal systems of power. However, a recent confluence of political, economic, and historical factors has allowed for the emergence of civil society organizations (CSOs) that afford women a voice throughout the region.

Leadership from the Margins describes and analyzes the unique leadership styles and challenges facing the women leaders of CSOs in Argentina, Chile, and El Salvador. Based on ethnographic research, Serena Cosgrove's analysis offers a nuanced account of the distinct struggles facing women, and how differences of class, political ideology, and ethnicity have informed their outlook and organizing strategies. Using a gendered lens, she reveals the power and potential of women's leadership to impact the direction of local, regional, and global development agendas.


"Serena Cosgrove effectively captures the dynamics of women's civil society organizing in this carefully written book. Her excellent and compelling ethnographic explorations are bound to inspire reflection, action, and committed scholarship."
—Elisabeth Jay Friedman, University of San Francisco

"In the face of seemingly relentless violence, the portraits of women activists in Cosgrove's Leadership from the Margins offers insight into some of the more public dimensions of women's empowerment and resistance."
—Qualitative Sociology

"Cosgrove's strongest material depicts how women activists handle gender issues when they are called to class, revolutionary, or ethnic struggles. Her update in each country's women's movenemt is also nicely done. Recommended."

Author / Editor Bio

Serena Cosgrove is an assistant professor in the humanities at Seattle University. Previously she worked with the AVINA Foundation, building a knowledge management program for staff and partners throughout Latin America.


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