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Muslims in Motion

Islam and National Identity in the Bangladeshi Diaspora
Nazli Kibria (Author)
208 pages, 6 x 9
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Subject Area:
Asian Studies, Religion, Sociology, Asian American Studies
Honorable mention for the 2011 Book Award in Social Sciences from Association for Asian American Studies


In Muslims in Motion, Nazli Kibria provides a comparative look at Bangladeshi Muslims in different global contexts--including Britain, the U.S., the Middle East, and Malaysia. Kibria examines international migrant flows from Bangladesh, and considers how such migrations continue to shape Islamization in these areas. Having conducted more than 200 in-depth interviews, she explores how, in societies as different as these, migrant Muslims, in their everyday lives, strive to achieve economic gains, sustain community and family life, and realize a sense of dignity and honor.

Muslims in Motion offers fresh insights into the prominence of Islam in these communities, especially an Islam defined by fundamentalist movements and ideologies. Kibria also focuses on the complex significance of nationality--with rich analyses of the diaspora, the role of gender and class, and the multiple identities of the migrants, she shows how nationality can be both a critical source of support and also of difficulty for many in their efforts to attain lives of dignity. By bringing to life a vast range of experiences, this book challenges prevailing stereotypes of Muslims.


"Kibria's groundbreaking study provides valuable insight into the process of transnational and diasporic identity formation among contemporary populations."
—Steven J. Gold, professor of sociology at Michigan State University

"Kibra's research is theoretically sophisticated and right on target. Her well-designed interviews give the reader a vivid sense of the experience of being a Bangladeshi Muslim immigrant."
—Karen Leonard, author of Locating Home: India's Hyderabadis Abroad

"Muslims in Motion is a brilliant illustration of how global sociopolitical forces shape international migrants’ experiences and aspirations. In this timely piece, Kibria explains how Bangladeshi Muslim migrants and their families in starkly different destinations insert themselves into their host societies by organizing their community life and constructing their identity."
—Journal of Asian American Studies

"Linking migration and religious studies, Muslims in Motion breaks new ground by taking seriously the ways in which international migrant flows shape Islamization in migrant communities around the world."
—American Journal of Sociology

Author / Editor Bio

NAZLI KIBRIA teaches sociology at Boston University. Her books include Family Tightrope: The Changing Lives of Vietnamese Americans and Becoming Asian American: Second-Generation Chinese and Korean Americans.


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