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Structural Intimacies

Sexual Stories in the Black AIDS Epidemic
Sonja Mackenzie (Author)
204 pages, 6 illustrations, 6 x 9
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Series: Critical Issues in Health and Medicine
Subject Area:
LGBTQ Studies, African American Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Health Policy and Public Health, Gender Studies, Anthropology


One of the most relevant social problems in contemporary American life is the continuing HIV epidemic in the Black population. With vivid ethnographic detail, this book brings together scholarship on the structural dimensions of the AIDS epidemic and the social construction of sexuality to assert that shifting forms of sexual stories—structural intimacies—are emerging, produced by the meeting of intimate lives and social structural patterns. These stories render such inequalities as racism, poverty, gender power disparities, sexual stigma, and discrimination as central not just to the dramatic, disproportionate spread of HIV in Black communities in the United States, but to the formation of Black sexualities.

Sonja Mackenzie elegantly argues that structural vulnerability is felt—quite literally—in the blood, in the possibilities and constraints on sexual lives, and in the rhetorics of their telling. The circulation of structural intimacies in daily life and in the political domain reflects possibilities for seeking what Mackenzie calls intimate justice at the nexus of cultural, economic, political, and moral spheres. Structural Intimacies presents a compelling case: in an era of deepening medicalization of HIV/AIDS, public health must move beyond individual-level interventions to community-level health equity frames and policy changes


“This compelling book addresses the social, political, and economic dimensions of the AIDS epidemic in relation to the Black population in America, making an extremely important contribution to the scholarly literature on the intersections among HIV/AIDS, race and racism, and gender and sexuality. Mackenzie’s notion of structural intimacies is a very novel and innovative contribution. This book will have a major impact.”
—Richard G. Parker, Columbia University

Author / Editor Bio

SONJA MACKENZIE is an adjunct assistant professor at the Health Equity Institute at San Francisco State University.

Table Of Contents


1. Storying Sexuality in the Black AIDS Epidemic
2. A Liquor Store on Every Corner: Intimate States of Alcohol and HIV / AIDS
3. Never a Black Brokeback Mountain: Sexual Silence and the "Down Low" in the Age of AIDS
4. Crazy Talk: The Conspiracy Counter-Narrative in the Black AIDS Epidemic
5. The President, the Preacher, and Race and Racism in the Obama Era

Appendix: Methodological Matters


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