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When Kids Get Arrested

What Every Adult Should Know
Sandra Simkins, Esq.
224 pages, 5.5 x 8.5
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Subject Area:
Childhood Studies, General Interest


Every year, millions of children across the country get arrested. What most adults do not know is that the juvenile justice system has become much more punitive in the last fifteen years. No longer is juvenile court a place where regardless of what happens you get a clean slate when you turn eighteen. Today almost every adjudication of delinquency is accompanied by adult-style fingerprinting, prior record score points, and DNA tests that can stay in a state repository for years. For every stage of the justice system, from arrest to expungement, When Kids Get Arrested gives "top tips" to help adults make the best choices to protect children from long-term negative consequences.

Sandra Simkins provides straight answers to common questions such as:

  • Should I let my child talk to the police without a lawyer?
  • How can I help my child succeed on probation?
  • Should my child admit to the charges or take the case to trial?
  • How will this case impact my child's future? Will it prevent him from getting a job or going into the army?
  • My child has mental health issues. Can the juvenile justice system help?
  • My daughter is out of control. Should I call the police?
  • My son got arrested at school and is now suspended. What should I do next?

Simkins takes complicated legal concepts and breaks them down into easy-to-understand guidelines. She includes information on topics such as police interrogation, detention hearings, and bail, along with state-by-state specifics. When Kids Get Arrested is a perfect resource for parents, social workers, guidance counselors, teachers, principals, coaches, and anyone else who works with children.

Author / Editor Bio

Sandra Simkins, Esq., created the Children's Justice Clinic at Rutgers University, and was the assistant chief of the Juvenile Unit at the Defender Association of Philadelphia.

Table Of Contents

List of Figures and Tables
Top Ten Tips
Part I: The Juvenile Justice Process
Chapter 1 Overview of Juvenile Court
Chapter 2 Interrogation
Chapter 3 Arrest
Chapter 4 The Detention Hearing
Chapter 5 Pre-Trial Issues
Chapter 6 Should the Child Take a Deal or Go to Trial?
Chapter 7 Will the Juvenile Record Go Away When the Child Becomes an Adult?
Chapter 8 Disposition Hearing (Sentencing)
Chapter 9 How to Succeed on Probation
Chapter 10 When the Child Is Sent to Residential Placement
Part II: Important Issues and Special Populations
Chapter 11 Transferring Children to Adult Criminal Court
Chapter 12 School Search Issues
Chapter 13 When Children Get Suspended or Expelled
Chapter 14 Special Education Issues
Chapter 15 Does Race Matter?
Chapter 16 Children with Mental Health Issues
Chapter 17 Institutional Abuse
Chapter 18 The Special Needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth
Chapter 19 The Special Needs of Girls
Chapter 20 When the Child Is Charged with a Sexual Offense